Friday Faves | Seriously Silly

Get ready, this week’s list is full of both silly (see #1) and serious (scroll down to the bottom!) blog posts and tweets. Have at it people:

And in this week’s selection of favorited tweets:

If you’re wondering why I posted the tweet above with Matt Long, read this and watch this, and prepare to be amazed, inspired, and moved by this man’s story.

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right.” – Henry Ford


  1. Love this: ”Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right.” – Henry Ford



  2. So exciting that you’re going to Boston! I am going as well (my first) and my Dad will be there too! I’m not sure if he reads my blog, but I should forward the article to him just in case. Thank you so much for the shout out! Good luck in Boston! Maybe I’ll see you there!


    1. Right back at you Lisa about Boston! My Dad’s never seen me do a marathon, so your post is perfect. Don’t think he has a clue what it takes. It’s like watching cross country on steroids! haha And yes! We seriously need to do a big twitter friends meet-up at some point! I want to meet you, too! PS 23 days!


  3. Anything chocolate related has my attention! 🙂 I’m glad someone else found it funny too. Hope your training is going well and you’re starting to get super excited about toeing the start line. I’m actually considering doing Marine Corps too so we may be running the same marathons this year. Good luck!


      1. Haha, I like your style. It’s “fuel” right? I mean….a lot of my long runs are fueled by donuts. So there’s that too!

  4. yayyy glad we found each other on twitter! I am SURE you already know about it because I recognize you from the Runner’s World festival last fall 🙂 but Beachy was telling us about a very special shake-out run before the marathon (don’t know details of when yet) and I wanted to invite some of my favorite fabulous runner blogger friends to join in and since you are clearly awesome and since you already probably know about it, I hope to see you there!


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