Friday Faves | Met an Olympic Gold Medalist Today… No Big Deal

largeFor starters, 1996 400-meter hurdles Olympic gold medalist Derrick Adkins dropped by Runner’s World HQ this afternoon…and I got to HOLD his gold medal. Gave me chills, he’s an instant inspiration, he’s returning to the Runner’s World Half this fall so you can meet him, too (which is awesome), that’s all I have to say.

Other “cool” things that happened this week include:


  • I got featured in my boss’s weekly list on the Runner’s World website. Check it out. You’ll understand. Can’t say I’m proud of it! HA!
  • This….Dang. I’d fly right off.
  • The fact that apparently Nick Symmonds is a candidate for The Bachelor?!? No joke. Read it here. (Umm…where can I audition?)
  • By far my favorite Hitler rant. Makes my inner #runnerd happy.
  • Fair warning on this one, it made me cry. But it’s completely worth sharing.

This week, I tweeted this question:

[Fill In The Blank] You know you’re a runner when ______.

yesterday after the Runner’s World Facebook page got some hilarious and clever responses. Here are a few of my favorites from my feed:

Now it’s your turn! Fill in the blank: You know you’re a runner when ______________.

QUOTE OF THE POST: “I’ve got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end.”  – Larry Bird

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