MCM Training | Bonus Miles!

photo-1This training week was very similar to last week, which means I did even more of what I’m calling “bonus miles.”

After an easy yoga recovery day on Monday (I was so worn out from the weekend’s workouts that something burned with exhaustion during nearly every pose!), I attended my second group run at the local running store on Tuesday. I had completed a gorgeous 5-miler already in the morning (the view at left made the early wake-up SO worth it), so I ended up logging a total of nine miles for the day. I usually top out at seven miles for a weekday run, so this sneaky extra mileage is nice.

I ran up 5th Street again on Wednesday. It’s one of our big hills by work, and the run always turns into a bit of a tempo at the end. I could definitely feel the miles I logged the day before, but I was glad to get a solid hill run in regardless.

Thursday brought with it a humid 4-mile tempo run. I ended up running around 6:45-7:00 pace for all four miles. I’ve always been a huge fan of tempo runs–don’t ask why because I don’t know myself!–so it was nice to get a longer, faster continuous effort in. I’d like to up these tempos to five or six miles, but not until later in this cycle. Tempos are tough! I want to work up to a longer effort rather than get in over my head. I also got in a quality lifting session after work where I did FOUR controlled, arms-tucked-in, real push-ups! I couldn’t believe it! When I started, I could barely eek out two. I’m pretty pumped to see progress in Operation Let’s Not Have Flimsy Arms.

On Friday, I was hoping for an easy four-mile recovery day, but a closed-down road on our route meant we did a brand new (to me, at least) beautiful loop that brought our day’s total to 7! It was one of those runs where the first couple and last couple miles were slow and painful, but the middle miles actually felt alright. I’ll take a 7-miler (heck yes for bonus miles), but ooof was I exhausted at the end.

After logging 27.5 miles in four days, this weekend has been all about recovery so I took Saturday completely off. Thankfully, this weekend’s long run was the first cut-back week of the cycle, which meant I only had to do 10. (Side note: 1) Can’t believe that I typed the words “only had to do 10″ – I remember when 10 was lonnnnnng. 2) It felt great! Easy, easy miles where the goal was just to cover the distance without worrying about pace.)

I’ve decided to skip out on the gym this weekend as well. Did a bit of core at home, but I want to give my body a rest before this week’s workouts and a 16-miler on the menu next Sunday. I’ll do yoga on Monday and squeeze in one (but hopefully two) gym sessions before my friends come to town for a visit! =)

Until next week!

QUOTE OF THE POST: “There is no heavier burden than a great potential.” – Peaunts character Linus, shared by Rick Stiles in response to my post about potential.


  1. I’ve also started an “Operation Let’s Not Have Flimsy Arms” … haha, great way to put it! Even bought some dumbbells … are you doing anything besides push-ups? I hesitate to sign up for a gym (so expensive here!!) Also, good job on sneaking in those extra miles! 😀


    1. Heck yes! Dumbbells are really all you need to do some quality stuff. I’m doing tons of planks: sides, on elbows, straight arm, the works; then tricep curls and benchpress, which you could do with the dumbbells, and a few other things. I go to a gym because I don’t have weights, but I bet you could get a pretty good workout with dumbbells.

      And thanks about the sneaky miles! Hope that trend keeps up! =)


      1. Cool, thanks! I will definitely look into the variety of dumbbell offerings 🙂 Getting in some sneaky miles this afternoon myself… whohoo!

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