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Nearly nine months ago, the running rut that had been dangerously brewing during the final few months of my collegiate career had reached its boiling point. Over ten years of competitive running had taken its toll on me mentally and physically, so I was eager for the fresh start and squeaky clean slate that graduation would bring. I knew I hadn’t fallen out of love with the sport, and I couldn’t wait for the chance to shake off the negative mojo and redefine who I am as a runner.

Come summer, I dove head-first into the uncharted territory of running just for me. I hit the refresh button by shedding structure and embracing spontaneity with my training and tried my hand at a new racing distance…the marathon. Though the build-up was far from perfect, the race itself was absolute perfection. Talk about a tidal wave’s worth of positive energy!

I’ve been riding that wave since that day last October. In (lucky!) 2013, I want to take full advantage of this empowering feeling and run with it!

photo 1-1Enter… the Sisters In Sport bloggers and the Believe I Am training journal, both created by Lauren Fleshman and Ro McGettigan.

One inspiring and compelling discovery I’ve made post-college is the online running community. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been drawn in by a runner’s post or motivated to hit the road myself because of Sunday morning’s inevitable stream of long run-related tweets. I started this blog as a means to join in on the conversation, and you can imagine my surprise (and excitement!) when I was asked to be part of a group of female bloggers dubbed the Sisters in Sport. (Check out the link above to find out what these lovely ladies are all about!) Using Lo and Ro’s Believe I Am training journal as a guide, I want to home in on what truly makes me a happy, healthy runner, and my hope is that some part of my journey will resonate with you, too!

photo 2-1Because this is my inaugural #SistersInSport/@BelieveIAm post, I want to share with you my goals for this year:

  • Keep up this streak of positivity: Whether it be a good or bad run or race, find something that went well and focus on that! (Exhibit A: The super-slow, but incredibly enlightening Walt Disney World Marathon.) 
  • Reintroduce some structure to my training: I want to find a way to love doing workouts again because I flat-out need to get faster. The key? Sticking to a schedule that’ll help me get there. Since college, I’ve rejected any sort of pre-determined plan, so I know I’ll need to up my commitment level and make sure I get in some proper training. (Creating a training plan for April’s Boston Marathon is actually my January goal of the month!)
  • Get fitter from head to toe: That means lots of core (I seriously need to improve my pitiful plank PR), lifting sessions and yoga. I plan to keep track of how often I hit the gym/studio each month to I make sure I actually do it.
  • Break into the 3:1X’s in the marathon: I don’t care if this happens at Boston or Marine Corps this year, but I would be SO stoked to be able to run an entire marathon around 7:30 pace. I know and believe I can do it!
  • Eat healthier in general: This translates into actually cooking more often. I won’t lie, my workplace’s super duper organic environment is starting to rub off on me!    

Between actually writing down these goals down in my journal and having y’all keep me accountable via this blog (the game plan is to write a post per month that’ll recap the previous month and discuss my goals for the upcoming month), I have a feeling I’ll be able to tackle most (if not all) of these goals. I know it won’t be easy, but that’s what keeps things interesting, right? =) Now, let’s get this year-long race underway!

QUOTE OF THE POST: “When you put yourself on the line in a race and expose yourself to the unknown, you learn things about yourself that are very exciting.” – Doris Brown Heritage


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    1. Thank you! I’ve kept a log for over three years now, but I’ve never used one specifically for goal setting. I’m excited to see how using Lo and Ro’s journal will help me improve over the course of the year! Should be fun! =)


  1. I love this post. Being positive can be very hard and sometimes I feel like I’m “going to easy on myself” (I played tennis in college so I think that mentality is hard to shake). For instance, I ran the Miami Half this weekend — 1:53. I think I am better than that (PR is 1:46), but told myself that 1) I’m working my way back into shape and it was my longest run since Richmond marathon in early Nov and 2) It was 75 degrees and I had been running in 20 degrees. I’m trying to see it as motivation to continue to train and do better at the NYC Half, rather than be deterred from even trying….thinking of it as a starting point, rather than a road block.

    Enjoy your journal! I love mine!


    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, I totally hear ya chica! I spent my entire collegiate career (and much of high school) really struggling with staying positive, but the fresh start with graduation has done me loads of good! I think it really has a lot to do with having no one but myself to truly worry or care how I race, not to mention the fact that I’m still SO new at halfs and fulls! The real test will be this year, that’s for sure. Ahh!

      And I love how you’re looking at your race in Miami – that’s the beauty of running – there’s always another race! Training for Miami gave you a super solid base for the NYC Half (I had the same deal with Disney – it was super duper slow, but it built my base for Boston training now), so I’d think of it as a “practice run” rather than a race. Plus, even if it was a yucky race, you just can’t beat racing in Florida in the winter! =) haha!

      Anywho, keep plugging away! What’s done is done – there are some speedy races in your future! I have a feeling you’re going to ROCK the NYC Half!


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