Friday Faves | Dual Meet Domination and Inspiration

Here’s this week’s edition of running things that got me all fired me up and excited to run!

  • My Lehigh T&F ladies put the pedal to the metal (or their spikes to the speedy new track) and BEAT LAFAYETTE on Saturday! The dual meet is one of the most heated, intense events of the season, and you just can’t beat the spine-tingling energy generated by each head-to-head race. (I nearly lost my voice from screaming so much!) To top it off, I loved experiencing the familial unity shared between current team members and alum, and I relished finally feeling connected to Lehigh again since I graduated. I even got to go on a long run with my “big sis” on the team and a couple old teammates on Sunday. The whole weekend brought back happy memories, and I’m so thankful that I live close enough to be able to maintain those ties with my alma mater. Congrats LUTF ladies! SO proud of y’all!
    Six generations worth of my Lehigh lineage! Goes without saying we've got the fastest family on the team!)

    Six generations worth of my Lehigh lineage! Goes without saying we’ve got the fastest family on the team! 😉


  • My totally badass Dad accomplished his goal of breaking 30 minutes in the 5-K at a local race on Saturday, running 29:41 and placing third in his age group! He’s got one pretty proud daughter over here, I’ll tell ya that much.

    dad results

    PROOF! (click to enlarge!)

  • The “We Heart You” project via @PavementRunner – Talk about reasons I LOVE runners. The online community joined forces to send some virtual (but no less powerful) positive energy to Krysten of, who is scheduled to have surgery on February 1. Check it out, it’s sure to warm your heart!
  • Dorothy Beal ran 20 (yeah, you read that right, TWENTY!) miles on the dreadmill this week. I can’t even fathom doing this–mostly because I’m terrified that I’ll fly right off the end of the machine!–but she’s one seriously dedicated runner, and every runner should aspire to be like her. If you’re stuck on the ‘mill, I’d read her post below to learn about how she beats the boredom like a champ. Way to find your strong chica!
  • Definition of my life, via @CoachJenny156327_10151681440899698_765452121_n
  • I’m totally not ashamed to admit that I’ve eaten my weight’s worth of chocolate this week. At least one wrapper offered some wise words to live by!large
  • The Believe I Am ladies shared this feel-good video on their Twitter feed… GIRL POWER!
  • Words to remember from my new training plan creator extraordinaire Budd Coates on running a marathon: “When running the marathon, if you go out too fast, you have no control over how slow you will finish. But if you go out slow, you have total control over how fast you will finish.” 
  • Speaking of marathons, Ted Spiker tweeted this shirt that I need to own because it’s just too funny. I think he should wear it to the Runner’s World Half in October…hint, hint come to the half! hint, hint…   BCBfgPFCQAIsY_H

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Hills are speedwork in disguise.” – Frank Shorter

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