Friday Faves | Reunions, Graduations, and Streaking

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A. over the past couple weeks – I moved and had an epic reunion with my Lehigh cross country ladies after my crazy race month. But I’m back on the blog bandwagon now! WHOOT! Here’s the cool stuff I came across this week:

  • As previously stated, I had a reunion with my LUXC girls last weekend! We haven’t all been back together since graduation last year, and it was incredibly special seeing everyone again. Man, a year flies by fast!967021_4656175372885_1101014926_o
  • The RW Run Streak starts on Monday! If you don’t know what that is, you run at least one mile every day between Memorial Day and Independence Day so you can power through the summer slump and stay in shape. I almost completed the winter streak last year, and I’m tempted to have a go at it again. But…I HATE the heat (why force myself into the summer inferno for 39 days straight?!?). At the same time, I can’t…resist…the challenge! (And I want to add this nifty badge Pavement Runner made to my blog). Decisions, decisions… runners-world-rwrunstreak-pardon-my-streaking
  • A runner on the RW Facebook page shared his super-creative running-inspired typeface project, and I wrote about it here. Can’t tell you how much joy this brings to my inner-graphic design and run-nerd. letterc
  • We received the pre-print of the July Boston Marathon issue of Runner’s World this week. Can’t share anything yet, but I can tell you that I couldn’t be more proud and impressed with what our staff produced. Seeing the juxtaposition of the heartbreaking, horrifying tragedy with the heartwarming, uplifting stories of the worldwide running community coming together is powerful and tearjerking. I can’t wait to see how our readers respond.
  • In a similar vein, I love this:
  • And finally a BIG CONGRATS to my fellow blogger Meggie, who graduated from med school! I will never, ever be able to understand how exactly people can successfully survive what sounds like school on crazy steroids (my brain’s just not wired that way). But her honest, enlightening posts offer a little peak into that world, which is awesome especially because it’s something that’s always intrigued me because it’s SO far out of my comfort zone. Kudos girl! =D

QUOTE OF THE POST: Because it’s just so well-written and hysterical – “Apparently misfortune now radiates outward from the jogger, invisibly, like free wi-fi. Every single jogger you encounter is a mobile hotspot of calamity.” – Mark Remy, from his recent Remy’s World post “Curse of the Jogger, Part II: The Curse Widens”

Race Report | Lehigh Covert Classic Indoor Mile

Reunited! The itch satisfied at last.

Reunited! The itch satisfied at last.

Here’s a quick race recap for my quick, debut track race as a Lehigh alum – the mile!

Once I arrived, I won’t lie when I say it felt surreal going through the pre-race routine again – I warmed up through campus with a teammate, hit the bathroom, cheered on the 5-K girls, hit the bathroom again, stretched out, picked up my hip numbers, stretched some more, went on one final bathroom trip, laced up the spikes, shed my layers, slapped on the numbers, and hopped on the track for some striders. I even did my high-knee/butt-kick drills that I’ve done before every race since middle school because, heck, I’m a little superstitious! Even though it’s been a few months since the last time I did this, it felt so familiar. And it felt incredible.

If I had any real goals going into this race, they were:

A) To break 6 minutes.

B) To not get last.

C) And above all, have fun and enjoy the opportunity to be back out there again!

When the starter lined us up on the track, I reveled in the surge of adrenaline and the dead silence that buzzed with that pent-up energy once the gun was up. Then with a bang, we were off! We sped around the track, jostling for position. I settled in the back, but within meters I found myself surging past a few girls. (Yes! The competitor within me was finally bubbling to the surface again! Booyaa!) I tried to keep my pace as I clicked off lap after lap, soaking in and loving every moment of it. My teammates’ cheers carried me through the rest of the race, and before I knew it, I crossed the finish line. What…a…RUSH!

Now, it was by no means fast – I ran 5:45, which is about 30 seconds slower than what I could do in college (not to mention I’m in marathon training, not MILE training! Ha!) – but I’m SO glad I ran anyway. Today made me truly appreciate and be thankful for my experiences at Lehigh. They made me the runner I am today, and this race forged a connection between the old me and the new me. It certainly was a step toward figuring out how I want to approach my running in the future!

Plus, I think it rekindled a bit of that competitive flame! I’ll admit I was eyeing another open runner in the 3-K, and I desperately wanted to race her!

P.S. I might just start a yearly streak with this race. Don’t want those spikes to gather too much dust in my closet, right? =)

QUOTE OF THE POST: “The mile has all the elements of drama.” – Sir Roger Bannister

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Friday Faves | Dual Meet Domination and Inspiration

Here’s this week’s edition of running things that got me all fired me up and excited to run!

  • My Lehigh T&F ladies put the pedal to the metal (or their spikes to the speedy new track) and BEAT LAFAYETTE on Saturday! The dual meet is one of the most heated, intense events of the season, and you just can’t beat the spine-tingling energy generated by each head-to-head race. (I nearly lost my voice from screaming so much!) To top it off, I loved experiencing the familial unity shared between current team members and alum, and I relished finally feeling connected to Lehigh again since I graduated. I even got to go on a long run with my “big sis” on the team and a couple old teammates on Sunday. The whole weekend brought back happy memories, and I’m so thankful that I live close enough to be able to maintain those ties with my alma mater. Congrats LUTF ladies! SO proud of y’all!
    Six generations worth of my Lehigh lineage! Goes without saying we've got the fastest family on the team!)

    Six generations worth of my Lehigh lineage! Goes without saying we’ve got the fastest family on the team! 😉


  • My totally badass Dad accomplished his goal of breaking 30 minutes in the 5-K at a local race on Saturday, running 29:41 and placing third in his age group! He’s got one pretty proud daughter over here, I’ll tell ya that much.

    dad results

    PROOF! (click to enlarge!)

  • The “We Heart You” project via @PavementRunner – Talk about reasons I LOVE runners. The online community joined forces to send some virtual (but no less powerful) positive energy to Krysten of, who is scheduled to have surgery on February 1. Check it out, it’s sure to warm your heart!
  • Dorothy Beal ran 20 (yeah, you read that right, TWENTY!) miles on the dreadmill this week. I can’t even fathom doing this–mostly because I’m terrified that I’ll fly right off the end of the machine!–but she’s one seriously dedicated runner, and every runner should aspire to be like her. If you’re stuck on the ‘mill, I’d read her post below to learn about how she beats the boredom like a champ. Way to find your strong chica!
  • Definition of my life, via @CoachJenny156327_10151681440899698_765452121_n
  • I’m totally not ashamed to admit that I’ve eaten my weight’s worth of chocolate this week. At least one wrapper offered some wise words to live by!large
  • The Believe I Am ladies shared this feel-good video on their Twitter feed… GIRL POWER!
  • Words to remember from my new training plan creator extraordinaire Budd Coates on running a marathon: “When running the marathon, if you go out too fast, you have no control over how slow you will finish. But if you go out slow, you have total control over how fast you will finish.” 
  • Speaking of marathons, Ted Spiker tweeted this shirt that I need to own because it’s just too funny. I think he should wear it to the Runner’s World Half in October…hint, hint come to the half! hint, hint…   BCBfgPFCQAIsY_H

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Hills are speedwork in disguise.” – Frank Shorter

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(My First) Friday Faves | This Might’ve Been A Rest Week, But…

…it was still full of running awesomeness.

  • It still makes me giddy thinking about how amazing last weekend at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend was, and I loved reliving every magical moment as I read everyone’s race reports: Cait’s clever-as-ever account captured the RW staff’s experience to a T, Robert’s Mickey Mouse wizard hat-wearing Goofy Challenge recap, Hannah’s post about her epically HUGE PR, Meghan’s enchanting entrance into the double-digits (she’s run TEN marathons!), and the @TwinsRun blog about their first (and hopefully not last) RW Challenge race.    
  • Speaking of Meghan, veteran and especially newbie marathoners alike NEED to read her post about all that she’s learned from each of her 10 marathons. Who knew we had a very similar start in the world of marathoning!?!
  • Bart Yasso, the Mayor of Running, shared my Goofy Challenge race report on his twitter and Facebook page, spurring tons of inspiring conversations with fellow Goofy finishers!
  • Runner’s World new Facebook photo album celebrating race bling.
  • Lauren Fleshman’s ballsy but powerful letter to Lance Armstrong so eloquently voiced the feelings of elite athletes angry with the cheating cyclist. An excerpt: “I do not wish for you to go to hell, or live a miserable life…I simply want you, along with all the other cheaters, to find a new profession so that mine continues to mean something.”   
  • Applying for media credentials with Hannah for the Millrose Games at the Armory in NYC on February 16. The field is absolutely stacked, and we’re excited to see some speedy elites (*ahem* Nick Symmonds) compete up close!
  • Heading over to Lehigh to watch my old track team compete. Boy do I miss my girls, but I’m so glad that I live close enough that I can come watch them race often! We’re hoping to meet up for some Sunday long runs soon, and I might dig out my spikes and test out the shiny new track in a couple weeks!


    Look how pretty the brown and gold mondo surface is!

QUOTE OF THE POST: Finishing isn’t given; it is earned.

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