Friday Faves | “Maranoia” and More

Can’t believe it’s ALREADY Friday again! Here’s this week’s “Friday Faves” list:

  • I’ve been plagued by the marathon taper crazies this week i.e. My brain has been buzzing with thoughts like: Why do my shins/heels/knees hurt? Why do I still feel sick? Why have I felt like absolute CRAP this whole week? Buhhhh! But, the insanity has produced some wonderfully appropriate tweets:
  • On confidence, which happens to be my Sisters in Sport April goal of the month (more on that hopefully this weekend! Stay tuned!):


  • 5 Faces of Pain via Oiselle. Favorite line? “Don’t eat a chili cheese dog from 7/11 for breakfast.” Do yourself a favor and watch this, now:
  • My latest Runner’s World “Social Studies” post, which includes this madness: large
  • Our RW Newswire editor’s Boston Marathon coverage plan, seriously:large-1
  • And because we’re only NINE days away from Boston, here’s a chills-inducing post from @paceofme on prepping for April 15.

QUOTE OF THE POST: “So I went for a run. And things got better.” – Mark Remy (Read the rest here.)

Friday Faves | Boston…Because, Heck, We’re Only 15 Days Out!

Sorry everyone, this is a day late! (Crazy busy day at work yesterday, but I digress…Better late, than never!) Here are a few things that got me excited this week:

  • For starters, Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher ROCKED the 10-K at Stanford last night. (Shalane nabbed the World A-standard, and Kara was just over a second off of it! Whoo!) I’ll definitely be thinking about what’s happening a few miles down the road in Boston during the race. These ladies certainly have a shot at doing something special on April 15!

    And this, which makes my inner track nerd freak out a little:

  • I successfully snot-rocketed WHILE running yesterday. Guess I finally got over my fear of getting it all over my face. A killer cold’ll do that to ya, huh? On a related note, my coworkers are snot-rocketing masters:
  • Truth:
  • Even Shalane gets the marathon taper crazies!
  • I think I might just have to start doing this, too.
  • And to close, what an awesome perspective:

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” – John D. Rockefeller

Friday Faves | Seriously Silly

Get ready, this week’s list is full of both silly (see #1) and serious (scroll down to the bottom!) blog posts and tweets. Have at it people:

And in this week’s selection of favorited tweets:

If you’re wondering why I posted the tweet above with Matt Long, read this and watch this, and prepare to be amazed, inspired, and moved by this man’s story.

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right.” – Henry Ford

Friday Faves | Pies and Surprises!

In no particular order of importance (or on any scale whatsoever), here’s this week’s Friday Faves…just a teeny tiny bit late:

  • In what might be the sweetest (pun intended) use of social media ever, two sinfully delicious pies were delivered to my coworkers desk in celebration of Pi(e) Day. She tweeted that she wished we had pie at RW HQ, and not two hours later, @Stridebox had pies delivered to her desk. Long story short, this:

    lead to this:BFWEaNjCYAAZ_Q9Seriously. Read the whole story via Storify here.

  • For the ladies: Now I might be mistaken for a 12-year-old boy when it come to my chest, but this post titled “Have Boobs, Will Test Your Sports Bras” from Once Upon A (L)ime had me laughing literally every other line (and also made me grateful that I’m small). She’s my newest follow on my blog reader, and I can’t wait to read what else she has to say!
  • I added two races to my race calendar this week: the NYC Half on Sunday (stay tuned for a Race Report) and the Golden Gate Relay (I found out one of my legs goes over the Golden Gate Bridge! AHH!) Best. Surprise. Ever!
  • These still-so-freakin’-cool Flyknits left over from the paint-themed photo shoot for the Spring Shoe Guide:
  • “8. Running when all I want to do is eat and sleep and stay snuggled under a nice comfy blanket.” – from Shalane Flanagan’s post about 13 things she hates about running. She should pin Jordan’s tweet (below) up somewhere because it’s awesome. I should, too.
  • This video for the Boston Marathon Banner Day. Gives me chills! 30 MORE DAYS!

QUOTE OF THE POST: “I love this time of spring. It’s starting to get warm, the end of training is in sight (or at least the taper is), and I can practically smell the vaseline Boston feels so close. I’m so excited for you. There is nothing like the first Boston! It’s so much fun! We’re going to have a great time.” – in an email from my coworker, gazillion-time marathoner, and RW Challenge coach extraordinaire, Jen Van Allen

Friday Faves | From the Twitterverse

For this edition of “Friday Faves,” I pulled a few of my “favorited” tweets from this week:

QUOTE OF THE POST: “For me, running is a lifestyle and an art.  I’m far more interested in the magic of it than the mechanics.” – Lorraine Moller

Friday Faves | A Little Bit Of Everything

Although this week’s list is a little all over the place, it includes a bit of humor, sportsmanship, motivation, and inspiration:

  • In what might be the worst (and most hysterical) interview ever, a TV anchor asks Mo Farah if he’s ever run before after his win at the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half-Marathon:
    If you think this is funny, check out this post created by my boss, Mark Remy. It takes the clip to a whole new level.
  • RW’s “Big Guy” blogger Ted Spiker wrote a short but sweet post about race-day perspective that even includes a nifty graphic. Head over and check it out!
  • Though it isn’t running related, this clip about a high school basketball player is a heartwarming example of an incredible act of sportsmanship, and it is worth sharing. What makes it especially cool is that I went to Franklin High School. I’m definitely a proud Cougar alum! Watch it:
  • This made me want to lace up and run, even though it was almost 9 p.m., via my Boston Bound, Steamtown Marathon racing buddy @WhitRunsThis: large
  • A good daily reminder, via Believe I Am: 480677_470756076312426_312079256_n
  • Love this. That is all.

QUOTE OF THE POST: “I’ve learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It’s a state of mind that says anything is possible.” – John Hanc

Friday Faves | (Run Nerdy) Graphics and Photos Galore!

This week was chock-full of motivational, inspirational, hysterical, (am I missing any other words that end in -al?) graphics and photos. Here are my favorites:

QUOTE OF THE POST: “I learned, one, you shouldn’t ever quit. And I learned, two, you’ll never be able to explain it to anybody.” – Jim Ryun

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Friday Faves | Reasons Why I Love Running

In honor of Valentine’s Day (I’m sorry, I had to give in to the chiche cheesy-ness!), this week’s list touches on some of the reasons why I LOVE to run:

  • My quirky and super-clever boss Mark Remy writes some seriously brilliant blogs every week (check it out here), but this one from Monday is one of my all-time favorites“The Most Important Word In Running”
  • Fellow Sister in Sport chica Morgan (@MoHoSjo) ran a speedy indoor 3K this past weekend and wrote a recap that made my feet literally itch to get back on the track. On running her PR: “A new PR flashes on the screen and I take in a long sweet drag of doing something that I have never done before…In the past I would run a PR and immediately begin thinking ahead to what I needed to run next. I absorb the moment, allow the endorphins to keep me up smiling all night, and I am delighted with the possibilities on the horizon but content with things as they are.” – Read the rest of “Breaking Speed Limits” here.
  • Here’s the most brilliant use of halftime during a basketball game ever:  
    Read more about the halftime mile at the University of Portland here.
  • This awesomeness via @TheRunnerProbs:
  • And also this via @ihaverun:life is like a marathon
  • Even though Valentine’s Day is SO NOT my holiday (and that I’m a day late now), I have to share this runner-inspired Valentine’s Day gift guide via Running For Dummies“How To Win Her Running Heart”. A sneak peek:


    I NEED those undies!

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Running has always been a relief and a sanctuary—something that makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. For me it’s not so much about the health benefits. Those are great, but I believe that the best thing about running is the joy it brings to life.” – Kara Goucher

What do you love about running? 

Friday Faves | Everything Is On Fire!

  • “Retrieving that passion is the only way I could ever hope to accomplish any of those goals I laid out. You can’t MAKE yourself feel it. All you can do is keep your heart open to it returning. Do nothing to prevent it.” – excerpt from Lauren Fleshman’s eloquent and beautifully written post The Fire Still Burns. If you’re stuck in a rut or craving the return of your itch to compete, read it. It’s perfect.
  • “Look for meaning, because meaning endures — it touches us and those around us, and it gives us purpose. And it’s usually right in front of our face, we just have to grab hold.” – via Laura Schwecherl in On Meaning. Read it if you’re interested in a very intuitive take on the phrase “Do what you love.”
  • This epic window display at my local running store. It makes me want to buy ALL of the shoes…seriously. The best part? The box reads, “Caution. Contents inside are very fast.” Bonus points to whoever created it! 426430_10152521858415160_1025914198_n
  • Our Gear Guy’s explanation for the Empire State Building Run-Up:

    (It’s okay, it doesn’t makes sense to me either!)

  • My coworkers and I had our own version of the Empire State Building Run-Up at Runner’s World HQ. It produced this hysterical pre-race photo and this video. Both races made my lungs BURN! Read my #RWRunUp/#ESBRU race recaps here.
  • Wednesday was National Women & Girls in Sport Day! How freakin’ cool?!? I made a Storify with some of the best tweets from the day. Check it out here.
  • Sometimes we get so caught up in worrying about a particular race or hitting a PR that we forget why we love to run. In Ann’s post Come On, Let’s Play, the soon-to-be triathlete realized that we’re playing each time we go for a run or race. (Thanks @theirishrunner for sharing this inspiring post!)
  • I need this shirt – talk about a runner/social media person’s mantra! Via @SMACKELI @SBSOnTheRun @dimityontherunBCh5ni6CIAE3h8P
  • There is such a thing as a PURPLE track! It exists at the University of Washington, and I want to run on it now. (My high school’s colors were purple and silver, and we always dreamed of having a purple track to match. Now we know it is possible! Heck yes!) purple track
  • “25 Things You Don’t Have To Justify To Anyone” via Thought Catalogue – Yes, I know it’s not running related, but it’s definitely worth a read. Lots of good things to remind yourself of often!

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner

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Friday Faves | Dual Meet Domination and Inspiration

Here’s this week’s edition of running things that got me all fired me up and excited to run!

  • My Lehigh T&F ladies put the pedal to the metal (or their spikes to the speedy new track) and BEAT LAFAYETTE on Saturday! The dual meet is one of the most heated, intense events of the season, and you just can’t beat the spine-tingling energy generated by each head-to-head race. (I nearly lost my voice from screaming so much!) To top it off, I loved experiencing the familial unity shared between current team members and alum, and I relished finally feeling connected to Lehigh again since I graduated. I even got to go on a long run with my “big sis” on the team and a couple old teammates on Sunday. The whole weekend brought back happy memories, and I’m so thankful that I live close enough to be able to maintain those ties with my alma mater. Congrats LUTF ladies! SO proud of y’all!
    Six generations worth of my Lehigh lineage! Goes without saying we've got the fastest family on the team!)

    Six generations worth of my Lehigh lineage! Goes without saying we’ve got the fastest family on the team! 😉


  • My totally badass Dad accomplished his goal of breaking 30 minutes in the 5-K at a local race on Saturday, running 29:41 and placing third in his age group! He’s got one pretty proud daughter over here, I’ll tell ya that much.

    dad results

    PROOF! (click to enlarge!)

  • The “We Heart You” project via @PavementRunner – Talk about reasons I LOVE runners. The online community joined forces to send some virtual (but no less powerful) positive energy to Krysten of, who is scheduled to have surgery on February 1. Check it out, it’s sure to warm your heart!
  • Dorothy Beal ran 20 (yeah, you read that right, TWENTY!) miles on the dreadmill this week. I can’t even fathom doing this–mostly because I’m terrified that I’ll fly right off the end of the machine!–but she’s one seriously dedicated runner, and every runner should aspire to be like her. If you’re stuck on the ‘mill, I’d read her post below to learn about how she beats the boredom like a champ. Way to find your strong chica!
  • Definition of my life, via @CoachJenny156327_10151681440899698_765452121_n
  • I’m totally not ashamed to admit that I’ve eaten my weight’s worth of chocolate this week. At least one wrapper offered some wise words to live by!large
  • The Believe I Am ladies shared this feel-good video on their Twitter feed… GIRL POWER!
  • Words to remember from my new training plan creator extraordinaire Budd Coates on running a marathon: “When running the marathon, if you go out too fast, you have no control over how slow you will finish. But if you go out slow, you have total control over how fast you will finish.” 
  • Speaking of marathons, Ted Spiker tweeted this shirt that I need to own because it’s just too funny. I think he should wear it to the Runner’s World Half in October…hint, hint come to the half! hint, hint…   BCBfgPFCQAIsY_H

QUOTE OF THE POST: “Hills are speedwork in disguise.” – Frank Shorter

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